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Ready to build a thriving six-figure business with the most widely known and trusted name in the professional speaking industry?

SpeakerMatch Academy is the leading membership community for new and emerging speakers, trainers, coaches and other types of thought leaders and information entrepreneurs with members from twelve countries and counting.

Unlock your full potential with proven blueprints and achieve lasting success – one step at a time!
Richard Andrews is the founder and Director of Education at SpeakerMatch Academy. He entered the professional speaking industry in 2007 after working in the fields of public and private education, corporate communications and public relations. He has a diverse writing, training and consulting background in various business settings, including Internet marketing, ePublishing, branding and online community building. 

Richard has worked with leading speakers and experts, including Jack Canfield, Wayne Dyer, Robert Kiyosaki, Les Brown, Robin Sharma and others. His client and member base is comprised of speakers, coaches, trainers, authors, consultants and other types of thought leaders and information entrepreneurs across ten countries. Richard holds a Master's degree in education and is a certified public relations specialist. 
Travis Townsend is the Director of Growth at SpeakerMatch Academy. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge on the strategies and infrastructure needed to build a thriving thought leadership business in the online space. Travis is an expert in driving sales and scaling long-term growth after having started several online businesses since 2012.

Travis comes from an engineering background but is also passionate about helping people and building world-class businesses. He has been an invaluable partner to SpeakerMatch Academy since 2015.  
Bryan Caplovitz founded Simply Speaking, Inc. in 2001 as the first online service catering to the emerging speaker/expert market. That original service became what is now SpeakerMatch, the world's largest online speakers bureau and leading service in the professional speaking industry. He has since created other divisions to cater to different needs and related markets.

Along with a deep appreciation for the combination of marketing, customer service, and good user experience design, Bryan brings extensive experience from his background of over 20 years in roles spanning business technology consulting, Internet marketing, strategic partnerships, and systems development — from companies including Random House, Johnson & Johnson, Time Warner, and 3M.

Bryan is also the host of SpeakerMatch Radio where we interview experts on the business of speaking, and he is the editor of Behind The Podium, a periodical print publication and online article archive.
Paul Ellul is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and the Vice President of Operations at SpeakerMatch. His primary role is to make sure we exceed the expectations of speakers and meeting planners who utilize the SpeakerMatch service. 

Paul has been with SpeakerMatch since 2004 and has successfully undertaken many different projects such as product development, search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, graphic and web design, and contributes regularly to the ongoing enhancements made to the SpeakerMatch service.
Justin Sperling is an alumnus of The University of Texas at Austin and has been with SpeakerMatch since 2011. Justin makes sure that everything runs smoothly, constantly creating enhancements, perfecting new features and tinkering with new tools to ensure a user-friendly experience for speakers, event planners and others who use our website.
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