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What is SpeakerMatch Academy, and how can it help me?

SpeakerMatch Academy is a membership training program for speakers, trainers, coaches, consultants and other types of experts, thought leaders and content creators. SpeakerMatch Academy is also the educational division of SpeakerMatch, the leading service in the professional speaking industry and largest online speakers bureau. Information entrepreneurs of every background benefit from learning and applying what we teach, whether they’re just beginning their careers or looking to grow an already successful business.

SpeakerMatch Academy will give you the tools to develop and leverage your greatest strengths, empowering you to grow your audience, expand your customer and client base, establish your brand and become a dominant thought leader in your industry and niche markets.

How is SpeakerMatch Academy structured?

SpeakerMatch Academy uses a weekly lesson and action step format, and is organized by successive training modules.

Each week you will receive one video lesson and one 10-20 page PDF lesson, both of which are made available inside the members’ area. There will also be additional materials, manuals and special bonuses being made available. The SpeakerMatch Academy forum provides a community meeting place where members and instructors have the opportunity to explore, discuss and analyze topics and subject matter relevant to the professional speaking industry. We’ll give you everything you need to succeed as a dynamic, cutting-edge content provider and information entrepreneur. 

SpeakerMatch Academy provides you with clear, proven blueprints for achieving lasting success by learning and implementing core marketing skills.

Are there any “hidden costs” in addition to my membership fees?

The answer is unequivocally NO. We don’t have hidden agendas to up-sell our members on other training materials, or unannounced packages. You will only be charged for your $49 monthly membership fee.

Can I stop and restart my membership and return to where I left off in the training?

Because of the progressive nature of our eCourse, it is not possible to start your membership, cancel it, and then start again later where you left off. Although you can rejoin SpeakerMatch Academy after cancelling, you will be required to start at the beginning of the program again.

How much does membership cost, and how am I billed?

Membership fees are $49 each month. SpeakerMatch Academy offers a 60 day money back guarantee, and membership can be cancelled at any time. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discovery and our transactions are processed by Stripe, the highly secure leading online processor.

Will SpeakerMatch Academy teach me to start a speaking, coaching or training business, or to become an author or consultant?

SpeakerMatch Academy offers the 'Build Your Speaking Business’ six month speaker training eCourse, which is specifically designed to help you start and grow a speaking business. Every week you’ll receive a new video lesson, PDF lesson and audio lesson supplement that will help you move forward one step at a time in developing every aspect of your speaking business.

Our list of core courses will assist you in developing any business that requires thought leadership, strategic branding and information entrepreneurship. 

More than ever, today’s marketplace requires that you reach and influence your audience in a variety of ways, and SpeakerMatch Academy will help you establish and develop your business effectively. By following a proven blueprint, the program will allow you to position your products, services and offerings in a way that creates real results. 

By transforming you into a prolific and high-impact marketer and content creator, SpeakerMatch Academy provides everything you need to fulfill your potential and achieve lasting success, no matter what your speaking, coaching and training goals may be.

What are some of the programs I can expect from SpeakerMatch Academy?
  • Starting and Growing a Speaking Business
  • Attracting Clients
  • Developing Live Presentations
  • List Building
  • Email Marketing
  • Joint Venture Partnering
  • eCourse Creation
  • Information Products
  • Offline Media Mastery
  • Podcasting and Video Creation
  • Membership Sites
  • Evergreen Product Creation
  • On-Site Conversion
  • Expanding Market Reach
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Strategic Brand Positioning
  • Content
  • Recurring Revenue 
  • Building Global Sales Teams
  • Blogging Strategies
  • Content Marketing Strategies
  • Traffic Generation
  • Outsourcing
  • Online Community Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Creating Multiple Sites
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Sales Page Optimization
  • Sales Funnels
  • Copywriting: Templates and Tools
  • Short Report and Article Marketing
  • Private Coaching Programs
  • Multiple Site Creation
  • Cross Channel Promotions
  • And much, much more!
How will I access, use and implement the training content?

Once you register as a SpeakerMatch Academy member you will gain access to the Members Area that will make available all of your video and eCourse training content. Weekly membership materials will be directly available to download inside the Members Area. SpeakerMatch Academy uses an industry-first content release strategy that helps you succeed in a comprehensive, step-by-step approach. Each week you’ll take concrete steps that will lead to definite, steady progress in building every facet of your business.

By empowering you with everything you need to build your brand and lead your niche as a dynamic marketer, content creator and expert thought leader, achieving your goals and unlocking your full business potential will finally be possible. 

The program is designed to provide you with career-enhancing business education and professional development opportunities that can be learned and applied regardless of your current background or skill set.

Do I need to submit assignments and what if I can’t implement or take action with what I’ve learned right away?

No, it is not necessary to submit assignments as the training is self-directed. All weekly lessons and associated manuals and audio lessons can be worked through at your own pace. It’s up to you how much time and effort you invest in SpeakerMatch Academy.

The membership content is designed and offered in such a way that you’ll be able to return to lessons at a later date and implement anything that you may have missed when you first received them. As such, SpeakerMatch Academy provides you with everything you need to succeed in a lasting and long-term way. As you make progress and start developing every aspect of your business in an effective and informed way through consistent growth initiatives, you’ll be able to continuously reference and revisit all of the SpeakerMatch Academy training material.

Do I have to commit to a certain period of time?

No, you may cancel anytime you want. There are no long-term enrollment commitments or hidden cancellation fees of any kind. If you do wish to cancel, please contact us directly at academy@speakermatch.com and we'll cancel your account immediately. 

Does my membership include personal coaching?

While we will always be available to handle support requests (e.g. I can’t download this week’s lesson) we simply don’t have the time to personally coach our members for private phone calls or one on one meetings. We feel that the system we’ve set up is ideal for providing a more than adequate level of support for all of our members. Also, the SpeakerMatch Academy forum will provide a learning resource where questions can be asked and answered by other members as well as instructors.

So is SpeakerMatch Academy for “new” or “experienced” business people?

SpeakerMatch Academy is designed for people of all experience and skill levels. Each week’s lesson is broken down into manageable steps for easy application. There are also “advanced” insights that seasoned veterans will be able to put into practice.

This program is ideal for anyone who has struggled to find significant and enduring success in any kind of thought leadership based business. If you want to build (or in many cases, rebuild) your practice in a way that will position you for long-term career abundance, SpeakerMatch Academy is right for you. 

With our ‘Build Your Speaking Business’ video and eCourse training program, new and emerging speakers have the opportunity to start and grow their speaking business the right way using proven success blueprints. Experienced speakers can also use the course to further develop their business. 

We provide core tools and strategies that will assist complete beginners in growing their business the right way from the ground up. We also teach cutting-edge approaches that will help those who need a fresh start to gain increased market presence and renewed opportunities and results.

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