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SpeakerMatch Academy is the leading membership community for new and emerging speakers, trainers, coaches and other types of information entrepreneurs.

Unlock your full potential with proven blueprints and achieve lasting success - one step at a time! 

  • Build Your Brand, Lead Your Niche, and Enter New Markets
  • Reach a Global Audience with Your Products and Services
  • Become a Dynamic Expert and Influential Thought Leader
  • Develop Product Funnels and Recurring Revenue Sites
  • Establish and Grow Loyal, Engaged Communities
Inside SpeakerMatch Academy
Join Members From 17 Countries and Counting in a Powerful, Cutting-Edge Learning Environment!
Our Interactive PDF and Video Training Program:
1. Covers Everything You Need to Know to Start And Grow Your Business
We work with speakers, trainers, coaches and information entrepreneurs of every stripe. We know what it takes to start and grow your speaking business today.

2. Is Short, Easy to Digest and Builds As You Go
Each PDF and video lesson is thorough but brief so it can be quickly read or watched and put into practice. The training program is well-suited to both beginners and those with more experience. Each week you’ll have an easy-to-implement action step to help you make real progress.

3. Includes Multiple Courses With Powerful Action Steps
From developing cutting-edge marketing and content creation skills, to transforming your knowledge into lucrative, recurring revenue coaching and training programs, our courses will empower your business skills on every level.

4. Empowers You To Succeed Long-Term
Information is released in bite-sized portions, so you’ll be more likely to actually do something with the content – and more likely to see significant, long-term results.

5. Helps You Make Real Progress
When you look back after each month, you’ll see definite progress from having put the lessons into practice. By following systematic, module based weekly action plans, success in all areas of growing your business and laying new foundations will finally be possible! 
Transform Your Business With SpeakerMatch Academy
Meet a few of our members and see how membership has impacted them

Dr. Marilyn Joyce

“Without question the program and materials provided are extremely well-thought out and organized. Everything that is needed to create a successful business is included. And it’s not just theory! It works!”

Alton Jamison

“This course has transformed my business model, and I now feel like a person with an actual business. The modest investment of this training course is peanuts in comparison to the return.”

Michael C. Gaeta

“I would like to recommend this online training academy to anyone who wishes to increase product creation and business success. I have found the writings to be practical, clear and effective. I greatly look forward to these lessons and the ongoing membership materials. ”

Mark Newey

“This academy training course has literally held me by the hand as I’ve built my business from scratch. Gradually over a period of time it has covered pretty much every aspect of getting my business started as quickly and effectively as possible. The weekly delivery was perfect, allowing me to make real progress each week without getting completely snowed under! Thank you so much for this program"

Roman Akafate

"This training academy really is one of those things that people call too good to be true – but this time it actually is true. It’s not just the quality and the quantity of information that I’ve received, but the affordability of the priceless knowledge you’ve helped me acquire. Thank God I found this at the right time!"

Elliot Zovighian

“The material comes in clear, achievable, step-by-step weekly lessons, which has enabled me to build my business from the ground up. This very affordable membership will teach you all that you need to know in how to develop your business. It is well worth every penny. Thank you!”
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